Day 15

This morning I was on Google Earth and found a star that I named mine. Once a girl kissed me and then looked to the stars as though it would make it more romantic if we kissed and looked at the stars. She said something from a movie about being such a small speck in this big sky and then wished on a star.

I think it was a satellite, I told her later when she told me her dream hadn’t come true.

I found lots of mountains in places like Russia and Morocco. But from above they look like they’re not mountains anymore, but squashed down and crumbly. I found one in Morocco that looked like a vagina. Or one of those sea slugs I learnt about on TV last week. Gastropods. It looked like a Gastropod sucking to the earth in fear of floating away.

I chatted to some people who had been to Morocco. I met them in the alley when I was sitting on the step. They had nothing more to say so I told them about the vagina in Morocco and if maybe they had been there, but they hadn’t.

Maybe her wish didn’t come true because she was holding on too hard. Maybe like the Gastropod. I don’t think I hold on, but I float away. I like to float away.

Tomorrow I will look for a job again. If we are but a speck, there must be another speck to hire me.

by Sparrokei