Day 7

It’s been one week since I started writing. You have to do something like that when you work a job like mine. There’s nothing to keep your mind going when you sit in a truck all day. Since I was promoted, I’ve got all the time I need. Instead of driving now, I sit in with the new drivers to make sure they’re doing everything the right way.

It’s a new role: the boss made it just for me when he noticed me showing a new kid the difference between bok choy and choy sum. He was impressed with that; that I knew my veggies.

So when these guys are driving, I’m writing and they get scared – think I’m writing a report on them or something. And that I’m enjoying it – my tongue out and squinting, keen eyes. That’s how I look when I read. Someone told me that and then I took a timer photo of myself just to make sure.

Sometimes I help the driver unpack the groceries when we stop, other times I say I have to make a call and go and smoke in the street.

When I got this job, and I was just a driver, I couldn’t believe I could actually walk into people’s houses. I would stand outside with all their ham, toilet paper and bok choy until they said well come on then, bring it in then. And not only did I get to see all that they bought, I’d put it in their pantry; have a quick look at their family pics if I had a chance.

Sometimes we’d get to chatting and I might get a cup of tea or something. I had a little routine, but I’m sick of it now. Oh! Chocolate biscuits? Well I bring the gifts, but I’m not Santa! I won’t say no to a chocolate biscuit though! Eventually it lost its ring. But it was never that funny anyway, now I think of it. Just the sort of talk that middle-aged women like; the kind who spend so much time with their rose gardens that they can’t make it to the supermarket.

It reminds me of the girl from Iran who told me that all she remembers is her Papa telling her to hide under the table because there were bombs coming. She said it flat and then looked to the sun so that her eyes squinted. She didn’t remember it at all – she remembered telling the story; probably had a thousand times.

It’s good writing. Being on the web with everyone else is good too. I don’t have that much to say though – some sites have so much more. Like Wikipedia. They’ve got everything on there.

by Sparrokei